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People Talk A Lot (P T A) How To Deal With Rumor Peddlers.

Rumor Peddlers - Talking is part of what we humans do. “What differentiates us from animals is the fact that we can listen to other people’s dreams, fears, joys, sorrows, desires and defeats—and they in turn can listen to ours, but people who talk too much or spread rumors about others don’t seem to get this balance.

I like to hear people talk about me negatively or positively, but the fact is that some people thinks they really know who you are and will turn out they don't know a damn thing about you. I have seen cases where people hate me because of my policies and talk about it to others in a bitter way though it hurts sometimes but i always try to wave them out.

What i use to do is that i tried as much as possible not to take them personal , while this can be difficult to do because some rumors can be very hurtful, just remember that people spread rumors for a reason. Most people who are kind and care about others won't spread malicious rumors to harm someone. Those wh…
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Guest Post: The Complete Guide To Courtship For Women

Almost every single lady wants to settle down one day and have a family. But before that there is some things you need to know before you marry and that leads us to the topic for today what every woman should know before courtship.

What is Courtship The Macmillan dictionary defines courtship as a period of time when a man and woman have a romantic relationship with each other before marriage.
courtship can also be defined as when a brother and sister has reached an agreement that God is Leading them into marriage.
You must remember that not all courtship Leads to marriage.
One of the reasons why marriage fail is because of the mistakes people make in courtship.
The difference between courtship and dating There is a huge difference between courtship and dating so don’t get confused and they are as follows;
-Dating is arrangement to meet as part of a sexual or romantic relationship.-Courtship is when a man and woman get to know each other before marriage-Dating hardly leads to mar…

Dating Ebira Girl V.S Dating A Yoruba Girl. My 7 Observations.

Before you start freaking out, I want to warn you that this post is obviously a generalization. Having lived in Ekiti State for almost 15 years and Osun state for 5years and in Ebiraland well you know that's my home I Mixed with them avery where I go just like MTN lols, I feel quite comfortable comparing the two.  This article might come in handy if you're dating a girl with a Yoruba or Ebira background or if you're just curious about different cultures. 
What I like about Nigeria is – it combines so many ethnic groups with so many cultures so know-how in a subtle. way that just works. 
There are, however, certain differences that I noticed, especially in the dating world.  1.Beauty Yoruba Girl : She Is beautiful at least she tried her best. 
Ebira Girl : Just three words for all Ebira Girls #Pot_Of_Beauty. 2.Geting Her Number. Yoruba Girl: you will work hard just to get her phone number. Right away, she wants to have an idea of how hard you are going to work to get h…

9 Qualties That Accurately Describe Ebira Women Not “Violent”

On one particular Saturday I went to the to my school (Fed. Poly. Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State) in the afternoon and i was relaxing in cafeteria, i actually met some group of students discussing the topic Qualities of Tribal Girls in Nigeria. I was interested so i listened due to its what i do (Blogging)
“One Fella there was my cource mate he new I'm EbiraBoy so he raised the subject can you date EbiraGirls?.

When I heard that question, my stomach immediately tightened. Even though I haven't heard any of the them talk’ perception of Ebira women, I already knew (in my gut) what they were going to say.

By the time a guy said no and gave his reason, “Violent,” I was in the coat section and in a bad mood.

“Why?,” I asked myself, “is the accurate word that come to mind when describing Ebira women?”

Intellectually, I knew the answer: The intersection of race, class, and gender for Ebira women in this country has meant having to reconcile a legacy of slavery and the creation of dehuma…

6 Relationship Things You Should NEVER Post About on Social Media.

Dating is fun, and it’s natural to want to show your relationship to the world via social media. However, just like everything else in this world, too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing. In recent years, social media has become the premiere place to display your relationship status, and we have the perfect etiquette guide for posting while you’re dating someone.
1. Fights Just the other day, I was going through my Instagram stories, and I came across one that displayed a girl with tears streaming down her face, the caption “he broke my heart” and a zoomed-in broken heart emoji placed on her chest. Even worse is when you’re scrolling through your Twitter timeline and see the details of a couple’s fight. “That's something that should be handled between the people involved, in person. Not online for the whole world to see,” says Alexandra, a senior at SUNY Buffalo State. “It causes the relationship to lose that privacy aspect. You never know who will see th…

Ebira Girls And Hausa Girls - What its Really Like To Date Them (Comparison).

As a young, single Ebira guy crossing the river Niger and Benue (Kogi State) for Schooling In the Northern Part of Nigeria, I was extremely curious about the dating life in the North (as a blogger though. Lols). After all, I'd watched my fellow guys charmed the hell out of Beautiful girls in Bars, Super Markets and in club in Ekiti where I live before relocating to Kogi State and later to Zaria.

I have compared dating Ebira Girls and Dating Yoruba girls In one of my previous articles you can check it out by clicking here.
It was early this year (2017) when I first landed in Kaduna State as a young- Ebira Boy, with warnings about Hausa girls: they're high maintenance, my friends told me. I tried to brush this off—preconceptions are always dangerous when entering any sort of relationship. Still, when I met my first girlfriend in Ahmadu Bello University, Hausa girl from Kano State, I was immediately taken aback by an over arching obsession with status and money. She had a vision of…

A Poem For That Girl I Love.

I will great you with a bundle of smiles, till your face becomes a sunshine of hope.
I will create words to describe your beauty, till the World celebrate your uniqueness.
I will walk you through the episodes of greatness, till your greatness inspire many generations.
I will sit you down in the garden of hope and dine with you in the galaxy of love till our story becomes a trademark of love.
You are a story that is worth telling,
a hidden treasure of beauty worth finding,
a luxury of love worth keeping
and a stream of kindness send to inspire the World.
Thank you for the rays of hope,
Thank you for the kiss of love,
Thank you for many tomorrow’s of kindness,
You are truly the sunshine i need in my life.

Thanks For Reading and Stay Blessed