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Samsung tablet 

Samsung has, for the first time since 2013, opted not to unveil a flagship Galaxy S smartphone at the Mobile World Congress tech show.
Instead, it showed off two new tablet computers and a virtual reality headset that comes with a remote control.
However, a new smartphone was briefly teased at the end of the company's presentation at the Barcelona event.
Samsung said the new device would be unveiled on 29 March in New York.
"Not having [the successor to the S7] there will be a particular boon to Huawei," noted tech analyst Tim Coulling at Canalys, referring to Samsung's Chinese rival.
"But it's known something is coming out, so the Samsung fans will probably be willing to wait."
The hiatus follows trouble for the South Korean tech giant after its Galaxy Note 7 phone had to recalled twice, the second time permanently.
Faulty batteries in the devices led some to catch fire.

Greenpeace protest

Campaign group Greenpeace made an unexpected appearance at the presentation. A protestor took to the stage with a banner saying "reduce, reuse, recycle" - apparently referring to the millions of Note 7 handsets that had to be withdrawn.
More protestors rolled out another banner on the side of the building where the press conference was taking place.


Of the new tablets, the Galaxy Tab S3 is the smaller of the two and comes with a 9.7in (24.6cm) screen. It is targeted at consumers who want to prioritise gaming and video playback.
The larger Galaxy Book comes in two sizes: 10.6in and 12in. Samsung said it was suited to "on-the-go professionals". It comes with a snap-on keyboard and S-Pen stylus.
The S3 runs Android 7.0 Nougat while the Book's operating system is Windows 10.
"Like most of its competitors, Samsung has seen its tablet sales erode in recent years, as larger smartphones have pushed into tablet territory," noted Rhoda Alexander at analysts IHS Technology.
But she added that the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays and powerful specifications of the new tablets should help differentiate the products from competitors.
Image copyright Samsung
Image caption Samsung also launched a new Gear VR headset and remote control

Virtual gear

Samsung also launched a Gear VR headset and remote control.
As with previous generations, the headset is a tie-up with Facebook's Oculus division.
The remote is designed for one-handed control. It features a touchpad that lets users select options within virtual reality apps, and motion sensors to detect hand movements.
In the past, owners had to use controls built into the headset or buy a third-party gamepad. That compared unfavourably with Google's rival Daydream View headset, which featured a motion-sensing controller of its own.
The new Gear VR is compatible with the recent Galaxy S and Note handsets.

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Goats can be reared in the pasteurland, but rearing them in cages has more advantages such as:
1. Cage-reared goats are less exposed to parasites.
2. They are better fed, and so the mother goat gives more milk.
3. Less field space is necessary for growing fodder and grass. For every six (6) females and one male goat, one-fourth (1/4) hectare of land would be enough.
4. The caged goats are easier tended and controlled.
However, more capital is necessary, and needs a worker to gather fodder to feed the goats and clean the cages. As preparation for the pasteur, plant such grasses and plants that the goats will need, like paragrass, napier, madre de cacao (kakawate), alibangbang and ipil-ipil. Apply as fertilizer for these plants the dried goat manure so as to make them flourish.


1. Wooden house, bamboo floor, with roof and open sides.
2. The floor is about 1.5 meters high from the ground so as to facilitate cleaning the manure.
3. At the sides of the house, provide food and drinking water.
4. Provide space outside to allow roaming around.
5. The nursing mothers and the weaning kids should have a separate house. One side must have a divider to separate the small ones from the mother at night.
6. Six (6) male goats are housed together.


1. The aforementioned plants are feed for goats.
2. Don’t give too much for each meal, of fresh forage.
3. Goats don’t like dirty grass or acidic (spoiled) food.
4. They like variety of grasses for each meal.


1. When the goats are about 6-8 months old, select good breeder and milker females and aggressive males.
2. A female goat may be mated at age 10-12 months. A male goat is ready to mate at age12 months. At the start, let him mate only a few, but as it grows older, the male goat can mate as many as 25 at age one and a half years.
3. A female goat’s fertile period lasts 2-3 days. The signs are:
– it begins to bleat (me-e-eh) and wags its tail.
– it urinates often.
– the genital is inflamed and secretes mucous
– the goat rides on other goats.
4. Mating should be once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and repeat next morning to be sure that there was fertilization.
5. Then separate the mated females. These will be pregnant in three (3) weeks if they won’t manifest flirting.

Parturition (Delivery)

1. The goat’s gestation period is 145-155 days. Thus, the day of mating should be recorded.
2. When the time of delivery is near, the mother goat bleats (cries me-e-eh), discharges mucous from the genital, is cranky and scratches her bed.
3. At delivery, her mucous discharge is yellowish.
4. When the kid is coming out of its mother, help the delivery by pulling out the kid, but make sure that the hands of the helper are clean. Apply alcohol on the hands to avoid infection. Normally, the head comes out first. The kids are often two, rarely three.
5. Wipe the nose of the newly born kid to enable it to breathe freely.
6. Apply iodine at the end of the umbilical cord, and put a knot or tie it.
7. When the kids are four (4) days old, remove the newly growing horns to keep them from hurting one another. Only a veterinarian or one with experience should undertake this.
8. Others are: putting of mark on the ear one week after birth; cut off the nails once a month, and castration from one to four months old.


1. Milk the mother goat five (5) days after delivery. Continue milking up to 3-5 months until the kids are weaned, or 60 days before another delivery.
2. Milk the goat in the early morning before the kids suck.
3. If the mother goat has abundant milk, she can be milked again toward afternoon.
4. Give the mother goat 200 to 300 gm concentrate daily to increase her milk.


If the goat is raised to milk, do not totally wean the kid from the mother when this is 3-5 days old. Separate the kid from the mother at night.
If milk production is only secondary, separate the kid totally when this is 3 months old. Make sure the kids are fed and given water while they are separated from the mother. In this way, the kids will quickly learn to eat and drink even while still young.
1. Allow the goats to exercise themselves 3-4 hours outside their cage.
2. Give them regular vaccination against disease.
3. Separate the sick and call for a veterinarian.
The common sicknesses of the goat are pneumonia and parasites.


Usually affects the goat with the onset and toward the end of the rainy season. Don’t allow them to be exposed to rain or draft. Signs of pneumonia are difficult and fast breathing.
Give the goat liquamycin, Tylan 200 or Combiotic injection.
Give the goat tetrazole or thixbenzole every six months.

Photo: Google.com


For you to be very successful in this business, You must know where to get best breeding stock and how best to market your business. It is very important because it will enable you to sell-off quickly and turn over.
Now is your turn to tell me your thoughts. Subscribe your email to get our newest post on business in Nigeria.
8 Things Investors Need to Do Before Investing in Real Estate.
The great thing about real estate is that even in a bad economy, it will usually fare better than stocks. Land, after all, is a finite resource. And you know People need a place to live, work, shop and play -- so real estate is really just a matter of supply and demand.


What's more, real estate will continue to appreciate despite occasional slow-downs in the Nigeria economy. In fact, it's proven to be the best way to create wealth, and an investor need not be a genius or a millionaire to succeed. Here are some tips, then, for entrepreneurs on getting started and succeeding in real estate investing:

1. Do -- plan your financial goals.

Before you buy that first property, or do your first analysis, determine what you expect from your investments. What are your financial goals?  We often discuss the “time vs. money” concept: The more you have of one, the less you need of the other to reach your financial goals. This means that you shouldn’t shy away from taking the time to understand your goals and make sure each investment is a step toward achieving them.

If you are unsure exactly how to create financial goals, meeting with a financial advisor is an excellent first step.

2. Don't -- spend a fortune on books, tapes and seminars, then just put all that information on a shelf.

You absolutely do need to learn some basics before venturing into investing. So, be sure to do some studying, but don’t let “buying and collecting” information become your end game. Again, having goals in mind will make the process much more straightforward.
It’s easy to get so tied up in the “research” phase that you never actually take action.
Instead, write down specific questions you want answered or goals you want to meet before delving into the latest book/seminar/etc.

3. Do -- look at plenty of properties.

Don’t just grab the first property you look at. Too many investors buy properties because they “look nice,” or the investors don’t want to put the work in to look at what’s really out there. Remember, you won’t be living there, so don’t make your investment decision based on your personal preferences.

While you shouldn’t fall into the trap of analysis paralysis, make sure you are thorough in looking through properties. Give yourself a wide range of options, then narrow them down based on the criteria (goals) you have set for yourself. Lagos State Nigeria is the best place to look at lots of Properties and how they operate.

4. Don't -- postpone starting your investment program because you’re waiting for that perfect deal.

That’s the flip side to number 3, of course. Plenty of beginning investors suffer from “a better deal may be just around the corner”

syndrome. This can backfire in a big way, and you could potentially let a great deal slip just because you’re holding out for something better.

Your task may feel difficult if this is your first property, but you must realize that the “perfect deal” rarely (if ever) exists. Better to execute on a deal that meets most of your criteria than wait for another that may never come.

5. Do -- a thorough financial analysis.

Be realistic. Look at different alternatives to determine which makes the most financial sense. And never buy property at a higher price or on less attractive terms than your analysis says made sense. Be wary of sellers that try to over-estimate the value of the property through pro-forma (estimated) data. While you can certainly use a pro-forma to start the conversation, make sure you know the real numbers before closing. Look at previous years’ tax returns, property-tax bills, maintenance records, etc.

To get a good idea of the real income and expenses.

The most important figures you should know are:

*Net income (income/expenses)

*Cash flow (net income/debt financing payments)

*Return on investment (cash flow/investment)

*Cap rate (net income/property price)

*Cash-on-cash return (cash flow/investment) *Total ROI (total return/investment)

In each case, “investment” refers to how much you invest in the property. "Debt financing" refers to any loans you may have to take out to buy the property. And "total return" refers to cash flow, equity accrual (i.e., equity gained from your tenants paying their rents), appreciation and taxes.

Once you have understood these figures, you should have enough information to determine whether or not acquiring the property fits with your financial goals.

6. Don't -- try to buy property that the seller is not motivated to sell.

If the seller is motivated to sell, you’re not likely to get the price best aligned with your financial goals. So, how do you know if a seller is motivated? Look at the asking price. For example, If the property has been on the market for a year for, say, N25,000,000 with little-to-no price reduction, the seller is clearly not very motivated to move the

property. However, if that same property has been on the market for a year and has had its price moved down considerably, the seller most likely wants to do whatever it takes to get the property off his or her hands.

Of course, this raises the question of how to find motivated sellers. There are many approaches, and not all of these will work for you, depending on what property you want.

But a few trusted methods include:
Attending open houses Looking for vacant/unattractive properties that are for sale Spreading the word about yourself and what properties you are looking for -- truly Going the old-fashioned route and looking in the classifieds of your local paper.

These are just a few ways to find sellers, but there are potentially dozens of other methods, depending on what type of property you’re looking for.

7. Do -- know the difference between real estate investing and the business of real estate.

As an Investor, you already have a business, and real estate investing is best used to support that business, not replace it -- unless that’s your intention. In other words, don’t get so caught up in executing transactions that your core business falters.

If that happens, you’ll be facing a bumpy road to get back to stability. Unless your

business is itself real estate, or you’re looking to get into the business full-time, always remember that pursuing these deals is a means to an end, not an end unto itself.

So, if you’re interested in staying ahead of taxes and inflation while building security for the future, real estate investing may be for you.

8. Always Be Careful Not To be Scammed.

In Nigeria, most especially in real estate (Lands and Housing) the scams are just too much. So you have to be extremely careful. I'm not a land agent though but Lands are cheaper in Kogi State at an affordable prices for you to buy at an Open Area Imagine Buying 1 plot of Land for N300,000 and its safe from Hoodlums, Touts and Scams. Click Here

What are you waiting for?
Real Estate: How To Understand Land Sizes In Nigeria When You Need one.

There are many Nigerians who are eager to own landed properties yet have no idea of the real estate terms involved in the acquisition of land, especially in Lagos state. Some even purchase land without actual knowledge of the meaning of this real estate terms. This article deals with the various measurements adopted in determining land sizes in Nigeria.

Before you purchase land, you must fully understand the system of land measurement or land sizes in Nigeria as it varies for different countries. It will be foolhardy for prospective buyers who are looking at building a new house or buying land not to be acquainted with few of the figures associated with the measurement of land.

If you know the size of a standard plot in Nigeria, then maybe you are not one of the many who are ignorant of the figures when it comes to measurement of land in the country.

Although, it’s probably no one’s fault that most people are not conversant with the measurement of land, considering the fact that land is sometimes measured in feet, metres, and hectares. These measurements are affected by factors which include but not limited to, economic investment and development patterns, human and environmental factors which could lead to mass migration and artificial scarcity of lands suitable for development.

It becomes paramount to know these things because buying and selling of land is a very lucrative business venture that draws the fancy of many Nigerians.

The commonly used definition of plot goes thus; A plot is a marked out piece of Land for the purpose of building or farming. The word ‘plot’ is an arbitrary term used to describe a land division carved out for property development.

Plot sizes can differ for a multiple of reasons, but according to Nigeria’s land divisions, the appropriate plot for a house construction is 100 x 50ft which can accommodate a standard house with a small compound.

However in Lagos state, a plot of land is 120 x 60ft. To better understand land divisions used in Nigeria, different units of area are used as follows:

The hectare is an SI accepted metric system unit of area equal to 100 ares (10,000 m2)  i.e 100m x 100m or 328ft x 328ft. It is primarily used in the measurement of land as a metric replacement for the imperial acre. An acre is about 0.405 hectare and one hectare contains about 2.47 acres. A Hectare consist of 15 plots.


Did you know that during the Middle Ages, an acre was defined as the amount of land ploughable in one day by one man and an ox? Not very specific, then – especially if your ox is feeling particularly lethargic. Thankfully, these days the acre unit is more clearly defined.

An Acre is a standard unit of measurement used by Land sellers and it is almost equivalent to the size of a standard football field. An Acre is a product of any rectangular plot of land giving a total of 4,046 square metres, 43,560 square feet, 4840 square yards or 0.404686 hectares. An Acre consist of 6 plots each measuring 6 x 120ft/18.3 x 36.6m – 669.8sqm. Invariably, this means there are 6 plots of land measuring 669.8sqm in an acre.

Others conversions are;

50 x 100ft  / 15.2 x 30.5m – 463.6sqm (which means there are 8.7 plots of land measuring 463.6sqm in an acre)

100 x 100ft  / 30.5 x 30.5m 930.25sqm (which means there are 4.3 plots of land measuring 930.25sqm in an acre)

Now that the various measurements for land have been brought to your notice, do you think you still have an excuse why you shouldn’t understand land sizes in Nigeria?
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I remember a blogger friend of mine that tried to pay for a hosting package on GoDaddy with PayPal but where is the fund to do that PayPal don't even accept Nigerians to receive money with them what if you make purchase and you request for refund? Well if you are in this category of people I bring to you EaglePay the only best and trust worthy portal to buy E-Currency in Nigeria, like;

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  • Load Your TV Subscriptions.

All at damn cheap rate and below are some qualities of eagle pay I think you might want to know about.

EAGLEPAY: EaglePay, duly registered Company with Nigeria corporate Affairs commission that operates an electronic payment service which allows Customer to use its platform for funding and receive electronic payments (the "Service")."

All card payments are securely handled and
monitored by VoguePay.

You can pay with any Nigeria debit card and get value instantly.

EAGLEPAY does not store your card details. A secure transfer is made to InterSwitch where
you can complete your payment.

EAGLEPAY is certified by Interswitch and secured with Digicert so you can be rest assured your purchases on EAGLEPAY platform are safe and secure You can also pay with your EAGLEPAY Wallet. How cool is that right?

But I think seen is believing check the EAGLEPAY.net portal out today, click me.

Hello BUSINESS OWNERS!: Are you a personal or cooperate business owner? That's already online or just looking forward to take your business to the internet? Well if you are, and you have your business online already or you are looking forward to grow your business on the internet then this article is for you (SHOPIFY BUILD A BIGGER BUSINESS). But;

Credits to Shopify
Before I start the main objective of this article let me do brief introduction of SHOPIFY to you for the sake of those business owners that are hearing the name for the first time;

Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, that develops computer software for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.

Shopify was founded in 2004, and was initially based on earlier software written by its founders for their online snowboard store.
The company reports that it has 300,000 merchants using its platform, with total gross merchandise volume exceeding $10 billion. More on WikiPedia:-


Its Over 7 years now, Shopify has helped over 100,000 merchants launch businesses through Build a Business,(Just like this one I'm introducing) an annual competition asking scrappy freshman entrepreneurs one question: can you sell the most?

This year, Shopify has announced the first Build a BIGGER Business competition. Why do I say this one is bigger? This time, rather than focusing on spring boarding new businesses, this competition is for established Shopify merchants.

  • So you have a thriving business? 
  • You’re already doing great things? 
Shopify wants your business to be even better!

Build a BIGGER Business challenges seasoned entrepreneurs to take their businesses to new levels, while brilliant business minds like Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss guide you along the way.

To browse more about how you can 10x you and your business success with Shopify’s Build a BIGGER Business competition .

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A public computer you stored you data due to not having your own computer and which seem to be crazy leaving them without been secured. A valuable files deserve to be kept secured, so that no one can have access to it after when you've gone.

What am going to say is definitely to those who have no idea and they are looking for an easy way to hide their files without been access by other user. Well, indeed, you can lock folders with Windows OS and this folder will be inaccessible by the other (unauthorized) users

2 Possible Ways To Hide File or Folder In Windows OS First, Press Windows Logo + R to open run command Type “cmd” and hit enter button When it open type this attrib +s +h “C:\Users\Desktop\My Secret”

To unhide the file or folder you can run the same command, except this time use “-“ instead of the “+” signs.

When the command open type this and hit enter attrib -s - h “C:\Users\Desktop\MySecret”

This seem little difficult right ;-), ok let’s try the below one, but this can be access when someone edit Folder Option

Right-Click on the file or folder Go to Properties Click on Hidden Apply it and Ok to confirm To unhide  Press Windows Logo Type Folder and hit enter When the UI appear, click on View Check ” Show hidden files or folder “ Click Ok.

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Hello! Welcome to my blog (BINOOSMART).

Guest blogging is a method used by bloggers to increase blog traffic where bloggers write posts to be published on other bloggers' blogs. Guest blogging can work in one of two ways:

You write a post to appear on people's blog

Another person writes a post to appear on your blog.

Nowadays every blogger knows the importance of Guest Blogging. It has been playing a major role for growing your blog business and expanding it in the Internet World. But still lot people deny this important part of their blogging career.

They avoid Guest Blogging. In simple words, Guest Blogging is an art of publishing your post on any other person’s blog.

No matter how is your blog’s condition or it belongs to an individual or many authors, Guest Blogging is always beneficial.

Most newbies or most individuals are still confused that they should write for other blogs or not. So, I am listing below

5 Benefits Of Writing Guest Article (Blogging).

1. Targeted and Quality Traffic

No one can deny the fact that Guest Blogging brings to you a lot of traffic.

However, the best part of it is visitors of another blogs come to know about your blog by this process as you are given a backlink for submitting a post on any blog. As such, you are most likely to get unique visits to your blog. However, if your posts get published on a big blog, then you are most likely to receive huge traffic. However, this thing also depends upon the Quality of your post. By targeted traffic, I mean that if you own a Technology blog, you are most likely to submit Guest Post on a Technology blog.

This mutual exchange of information helps to bring traffic from a different blog which brings you targeted Traffic.

2. Exposure

Everyone likes to be famous. Isn’t it? However, Guest Blogging helps to build an authority over the Internet people from different blogs and helps you & your blog to be famous. Guest Blogging helps you to bring exposure to you and your blog. It make your blog a Big brand and helping you to create high Impact over the Internet World.

Let us consider this as you have published your post on two blogs.

One gives you 100 visits and other gives you 50 visits. As a result, we conclude that your blog has been exposed to 150 people which gave your blog Targeted Traffic and Exposure.

Guest blogging helps to be popular quickly.

3. Improve Your Writing Skills

We know that it’s the experience only which helps a person to decide what is right and what is wrong. However, when I was new to Blogging, most of my posts got rejected.

Then I started from some small blogs and later on the process moved on and I became quite good at my writing skills. This is what the more you write, the more you learn. So, to improve our writing skills, we should be focused on our topics, try optimizing our posts for SEO and readers both which a quite hard process. Most bloggers will accept your
Guest Posts only if they find your article at least better to some extent that readers find it useful. For that, you need to improve your writing skills.

4. Get More Backlinks

Whenever we submit a guest post on another blog, we get backlinks in the author bio and even sometimes in the post.

Most bloggers include their blog’s link to get some essential backlinks. You need to be smarter in this thing. You should include your site keywords properly so as to increase your
Search Engine Visibility and rank higher with your rankings.

These backlinks can also result to increase in your Pagerank. Good Pagerank means more Search Referrals and Good amount of organic traffic which is really most and needed.

5. Know what people think about your posts

People that share views are different from blog to blog. Your blog visitors might take your posts in a different manner and others may too. However, you should be aware of the fact that what are the reaction of others about your posts, you must know that you are appreciated or you are criticized for your posts. However, Guest blogging can help you to know about this thing because people from other blogs may not know about and your blog, so you are most likely to get a
honest opinion from them.

So, after reading my these posts, you would like to write for other blogs and gain Exposure, Traffic, Backlinks, Better Writing Skills and opinions. Guest Blogging is the best way to build authority and market your blog in the Internet World.

Please if you like this write up, take a few seconds to share; and just incase you got any queation drop'em below.
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You can use keyword effectively to get more readers to your blog. In simple terms, keywords are just words or phrases that people use to search for anything and everything online. Also ‘keyword density’ is the amount of a certain keyword per 100 words. Keywords are important.

Considering that search engines are still the primary way in which people look for anything on the internet, it means that people who are looking for things in whatever niche you’re in, are going to be doing so on search engines.

Thus, when talking about how to get more readers for your blog posts, it essentially means positioning your blog posts in the relevant searches, so that they’re more likely to be found by the right people. What happens if this isn’t done? Well, say you had an article about blogging for money, but it didn’t contain any keywords that are being searched for a decent amount of times per month. In this sort of case, there would be no way that anyone would find your article, and so it would go pretty much unread and unattended.

Admittedly, for long articles there inadvertently ends up being a keyword used here or there, but for reliable results, you’re going to want at least a 1% keyword density (but not more than 3%). First though, you’re going to have to find the keywords that you intend to use. This is where Keyword Research comes into play.

Basic keyword research is really pretty easy, and there isn’t too much about it that even a beginner can’t come to grips with. To start off with, the keyword research tool of choice is Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Google is the most popular search engine around and getting data from it seems to be a logical place to begin.

When conducting keyword research, there are three considerations in particular that play an important role:

1. Number of Searches

Quite literally, this is just the number of searches per month. If a term has a high number of searches, it means lots of people are looking for it, which definitely makes it a better choice.

2. Competition

Once you have a keyword that has a decent amount of searches, go to Google and search for it. When you get the results, take note of how many there are. For instance, if there are 11,800,000 results, then that means a lot of people are competing for that keyword. On the other hand, if you end up with something like 1,800 results, then there are very few competing websites. With less competition, you stand a much better chance of appearing on the first page of the search results, which is really what you should be aiming for. Once you’re there, you will no doubt see a dramatic increase in your views.

3. Profitability

Not all traffic is as profitable, and sometimes, for certain keywords, the traffic that is obtained just refuses to be converted. While there are a lot of factors that can affect this, it isn’t too relevant as far as keyword research is concerned. Instead, it is better to know just one simple test of the ‘profitability’ of a keyword.

When you perform a search for the keyword to scope out the competition, take notice as to whether or not any adverts appear. If they
do, then that means someone out there feels that it is worth spending money on that keyword. Admittedly, this isn’t a 100% accurate test, but it enough to give you a general idea.

By looking at these three areas of keyword research, you should end up with a list of keywords which you can use to position your articles well.

Remember: The idea is to get profitable keywords that have a decent number of searches per month, and low competition.

After getting the keyword, make sure you use them in your blog posts and also as part of the title foer the blog post. With the keywords that you’ve acquired, you need to enrich your articles with them. Mind you,
there is a difference between enriching and stuffing, and search engines are smart enough to recognize when someone is trying to fool them.

Insert keywords in such a way that they flow smoothly through the article, and follow the 1% to 3% keyword density rule closely.

For each article, it is generally advisable to have one ‘short’ keyword of about 2 to 3 words, and two ‘long’ keywords of 4 or more words. If you do all of this effectively, you should be getting more readers for your blog posts.

This translates to increase page views on your blog and also increase your blog’s readers base.

Keywords matters a lot. Go ahead and make them matter to you, your blog and your blog readers.

Written By : Soji Adegbulu (MMO.NG).

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