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How To Start Importation Business In Nigeria

How To Start Up A Highly Profitable Mini Importation Business With My New Branded And Twisted Strategy and Rake In Over N2.7 Million In 2015!
My Newly Discovery Secret That Will Show You How To Get Branded Products like BLU Smartphone for N14, 000, Blackberry Z10 For N15,000 And Even Marc Book For N 36,000 not to talk about blackberries for as low has N4,000 and much more Plus The Cheapest Way Of Shipping Them Down To Nigeria For As Low As $4.50 per kg and much more what are you waiting for read on my friend.
Dear Buddy,
Would you like to add another source of income to your life in this new-year then take your time and read this life changing lesson to the end.
Did you know your life can change for better if you can start importing high in demand smart phones like Samsung galaxy s4,Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Note, Power Banks, iphone, ipad, Marc Pro Book, HTC mobile Phones, Blackberry Smart Phones, Original Ralph Lauren T-shirts, Mobile Phone accessories, etc at ridiculous dead cheap prices and sell for thousand.
Imagine getting a Samsung galaxy S4 for as low as N14,000? The same ones that sells for over N50,000 here in Nigeria
Imagine getting Mac Book Pro for as low as N36,000...This same laptop goes for N120,000 here in Nigeria… Google is your friend.
The secret that you are about to discover has turned many Nigerian to millionaire with little startup capital.
First, let me make it simple for you…
  •   You’ll import 100% online! You don’t need to go anywhere to import the products
  •  You’ll get top quality products free insane price
  • You don’t need to break the bank for importing products you can start with a little capital.
  • You can import a product as low as N200 and sell as high as N1000 in Nigeria.
  • You can make between N150,000 to N250,000 with little startup capital monthly and grow it BIG
           How Real Is This Business?
You must have been thinking..."I’m not sure one can be able to start this business with as that small amount of money" Well as a Nigerian, I know that is how you will feel, but here i am going to show you.
How this Business can Earn You up to N500,000 -  N1, 000,000 (One Million Naira) in your first imported goods guaranteed. All You Need is N14,000 TO N20,000 to get started With My NEW Secret Strategies; You will be able to achieve this.
You see i have been importing goods from this sites that I will reveal to you and I have being making good profits so you too can do the same
 But before I tell You How to Start, Let Me quickly Tell You The Requirement, All You Need To Start with.
1. A Credit Card (You can get that at you bank; I’ll also teach you how to get the best one for your online transaction)
2. You must be able To Browse The Net (Thank God You Can Do The Business Since You Are Able To Browse Through This webpage)
3. Your Home or Office Address
4. Your Identity Card (Any type)
5. Your Startup Capital (e.g. N14,000 TO N20,000)
6. Your Virtual USA Address, Which You Need for Your USA and UK Importation Deal.  (I’ll also reveals how to get this in this report)
Why Should You Listen To Me
You have to listen to me because i have been importing items like Brazilian human hair for my sister’s even my girlfriend and I even imports and sale them to some hair salon here in Ekiti for some years now.
Apart from that, I also import laptops from USA, Hong Kong and China to resell here in Nigeria at a very high profit.
During these years, I was busy importing all my personal needs like wrist watches, clothes, shoes, androids phones for myself and stuffs like handbags, necklaces and purses for my sister from this secret importation portals with ease and everything was going on fine.
It was not until i decided to try importation of branded brand new phones that i met a stumbling block. I then went into research and i found an Asian trading company that sells branded products and other items for dirt cheap prices.
So Before We Proceed . Who Am I?
My Name Is Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza Well Known As The Importation Guru In Nigeria Am A an importer, Blogger, Info Marketer ,And Life Coach Expert. Am From Nigeria, Kogi State. 

Guess what some people says about me. The question they ask is this how can you be a business partner to a well known publisher in Nigeria and overseas? You are too small for that! But let me tell you this, you will walk with the presidents if you are successful in life no matter who they are.
Meet my business partner
Caleb Osasona.
The Publisher And The Ceo Of ROLLINGHILL MAGAZINE International.
Here Is What I Want To Show You
Here i am going to show you how to start importing high in demand smart phones like Samsung galaxy s5,Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Note, Power BanksMarc Pro Book, HTC mobile Phones, Blackberry Smart Phones, Original Ralph Lauren T-shirts, Mobile Phone accessories, etc. at ridiculous dead cheap prices.
Note that what i am about to show you is PURE GOLD.
Note that THIS IS NOT...
  • This is NOT about importing from all those Chinese shopping portals that is flying all around the entire internet with different sellers looking for whom to sell their wares to.
  • Here i am talking of an established Asian trading and manufacturing company with super quality products at dirt cheap prices.
  • Imagine getting a brand new Samsung galaxy S5 for as low as N14,000? The same ones that sells for up to N55, 000 here in Nigeria.
  • Imagine getting brand new MacBook Pro laptop for as low asN36, 000...This same laptop goes for over N120, 000 here in Nigeria.
  • Imagine getting a brand new Nokia Lumia 710 phone for N11,000....the same one that sells for N25,000 in Nigeria.
I know it might sound a bit strange to you but am going to show you real live verifiable proofs on this website. After several months of importing some lousy android devices and substandard laptops from these miserable Chinese portals flying all around the internet with all sorts of sellers flocking around them looking for whom to sell their fake products to.
I  finally discover an Asian trading company were you can start importing  high quality, original and branded smart phones, clothes, laptops with as little as N14,000 in capital and still turn it into a N250,000 per month importation business.
Here you will start importation with as small as you N14,000 to N20,000 buying goods in small scale from a secret trading company in Asia right from the comfort of your home and supplying to friends and retailers around your location.
Check Out The Samsung As Show On The Trading Companies Website
Below Are Some Of The Recently Imported Samsung Galaxy S5

You see the Samsung Galaxy S5 SMART phone above is sold for $85  which is N14,195 in Nigeria Currency, the best part is that you can buy just one piece and  sell each for about =N=45,000 to =N=50,000 here in Nigeria.
As you can see it’s Over =N=31,000 profit selling JUST ONE Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone.
If you buy 10 pieces of this smart phones then you will be making over =N=310,000 selling it. I know you will agree with me that the galaxy phone series is one of the hottest products you can easily sell here in Nigeria..
Are you doubting me?
But that's not all...
Below Is The Recent Promotional Email I Got From The Company

I will like you to take a good look at the prices they are giving out this goods to me. Here they are literarily begging me to come and buy more CHEAP and ORIGINAL items for those insane cheap prices.
Let Me Allow You to have a Glimpse of The Promotional Emails Sent to me...

That not all take a look at this…
What about this powerful MacBook air notebook below?
Imagine the cheap price of that machine for just $245...that's N40,000 ONLY
Do you know that this same laptop are sold for around N150, 000 on jumia and the rest top stores that we get so cheap?
Let’s do a simple calculation here..
This notebook was bought for $245(N40, 000) plus a shipping of $10(N1,700) that's a total cost of N41,700.
Now we sell it for N85, 000(which is very cheap).
The total profit made from this single transaction is N85, 000-N41, 700 which is N41,615 PURE PROFITS for selling one LAPTOP.
Imagine scaling up to the level of selling 10 of such laptops in a month....You will be pulling in close to N410,000 from this deal. I know you will agree with me that laptops are one of the hottest products right now in Nigeria.
That's not all...
What about The Best Selling Nokia Lumia Series?

I know this will shock you big time
So here comes the....
Nokia Lumia Series
Now...check out the promotional email sent to me by the marketing manager of this Asian trading Company below...
Apple Iphone Series

Now let’s convert the price of Nokia Lumia to naira and compare to prices they are sold in Nigeria
Nokia Lumia Series
Price From The Company in Asian
 Price In Nigeria
$180 that is =N= 29,700
$380 that is  =N=62,700
$250 that is  =N=41,250
$130 that is =N=21,450
=N= 62,495
$95  that is  =N= 15,670
$115  that is =N= 18,975
$65 that is =N= 10,725
$60 that is =N= 10,500
$100 that is =N=16,500
$140 that is =N= 23,100
Can you see the massive profits to be made from the importation of Nokia Lumia series?
This is what i call INSANE PROFITS.
Still not convinced?
Now see real life proofs of how much the online shopping portals in Nigeria like and are selling them.
They all buy from the same place i am about to reveal to you, so that you can join us the millionaire club importer and smile to the bank.
       Check Out Prices from Online Shopping Portal In Nigeria

I know this is an eye opener for you...
But wait..
Lets us do a simple calculation here...
Let’s say you bought a nokia Lumia 610 for $60 that is =N=10,500 in our currency plus a cheap shipping fee of N850 that's a total cost of N11, 250.
Now selling this stuff for N22,000( which is very cheap compared to the stores).
The total profit made from this single transaction is N22,000-N11,250 which is N10,750 PURE PROFITS for selling one NOKIA LUMIA 610 .
Imagine scaling up to the level of selling 20 of such NOKIA LUMIA PHONE in a month....You will be pulling in close to N200,000 from this deal.
Note: Your startup capital is just N11,250
How does that sound to you?
I am not done with you yet.
Check this out...
 100% original polo
These are 100% original cotton Polo Ralph Laurel sold forN1360 to N2,380 on the site and goes for N5,000 here In Nigeria.
Importing any of these lovely shirts out there will give you up over 100% profit.
You See, It’s Very Easy, to start This Importation Business of your own… Infact I Have Gone Ahead To Make It A Lot Simpler for You
Up till now, the only way to really learn this business was to cough out about N100,000 to N250,000 for the few guys who are doing this business already... that's only if they'll agree to teach you.
Not Anymore friend...
Yeah, I have put all the steps and tricks you need to learn and successfully turn a mini importer rock star into a fast-paced easy to read, hold-me-by-the-hand step by step comprehensive guide.

Inside The Ultimate Importation Business Guide, You'll discover…
How to get started as Mini Importer in the next 2 days, even if you are dead broke right now
  The Top 4 “secret” 100% guaranteed import portals where you can do all your importation on with peace of mind. Don't even try to guess. It's certainly not what you think!
  Hot-in-demand Products That Can Make You Money Fast
  How to get a UK/USA address to order good from abroad merchant
  How and where to get stuffs like Samsung Galaxy S4 for as low as $70,Samsung Galaxy Tab $85,Marc Air Book for $245,Apple Iphone for $90,HTC Windows phone for $68,Polo Ralph Lauren for $8.00, and lots more that I cannot be able to write down here because of time and space
  How to order a UK used Blackberry phones with complete Accessories for as low AS $29.99 (4,500) Each
  How to get this company to brand their products with you name
  How to market your goods to consumers, using only social media (no need for a website - this will wow you seriously!)
  Will teach You Practically How To Make payment For product using your Nigeria Atm Card
  Will also show you how to make payment to some Merchant company with PayPal
  Will show you how to deal with your merchant directly before you pay for the product and after payment
  Will teach you how to track your product online. by this you will know Your goods movement
  Will show you My Hidden Secret How I get Clients To Pay For my Imported products on pre order
  Will show you how to sell your imported items right from your bedroom using just 2 tools you already have… (Shh…. don’t say I told you, but one of them is your Facebook account!)
  And lots more...
So, how can you get a Copy of this Ultimate Importation Guide Right Now and at What Price?

Because of the effectiveness of the strategies I reveal in this course, and for the fact that you can start your own Importation Business Within 72hours.

You see, I could charge you N7, 500 for the Mini Importation Business With My New Branded And Twisted Strategy  Guide and it will still be worth every single penny of it.

But I'm not going to do that.


I want to make the price affordable and also ensure that every person who is interested in getting this amazing guide can lay their hands on it.

So I will be giving it out at an amazing low price this week alone.

I'm letting you have the Mini Importation Business With My New Branded And Twisted Strategy  Guide for the launch price of =N=4,500.

But you have to take advantage of this low price now because it is available for...
A Very Short Time!
You see, I intend increasing the price of the Ultimate Importation Business Guide because I'm actually going to advertise this offer elsewhere online and on newspapers and magazines.

I intend selling it there for N8,500.

What you have to pay is only N4, 500.

And when you take advantage of this offer, you'll also get the following bonuses:
For the next 30 days, apply the instructions in this Report and if you do not see any result, you are free to ask for a full refund of your money. No questions asked.
But… I challenge you that once you try my, Ultimate Importation Business Guide you’ll be excited and you will start importing goods at damn cheap price within 2days
In fact, you’ll probably tell your friends about this breakthrough course.
And here is:
My Money Back Guarantee
I am so confident that this course will benefit you. I stand 100% by my product and give you a 60 Days Money back guarantee on it. This means that for 60 days you can try my entire home study course. I am prepared to offer you a refund if it does not deliver/teach you what I have detailed up here.
My advice is this:
Invest in a Copy of, Ultimate Importation Business Guide today and get all the other bonuses that come along with it.
How to Order For This Package
Note: This guide is in digital PDF format. Nothing is been shipped. Hence, when your order for it, you will be able to download and read it immediately on either your laptop, desktop, Android, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy Tab or ipad.
Or better still, you can easily print them into hardcopy and read offline - A lot of people prefer this method.
You can make payment using any of the 2 methods that suites you below: - Bank deposit/online or mobile money transfer.
They are as follows; 
Option #1 - Bank Deposit/Online Transfer.
Here is How you Can Order Without an ATM and Still Get It Within 2 Hours!
STEP 1 - Make a bank deposit/online or mobile money transfer of N4, 500 into any branch of United Bank for Africa in Nigeria. The account details are:
Bank: United Bank For Africa
Account Name: Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza
Account Number: 2072310058.
STEP 2 - After payments, send the following details as SMS to 08168374589:

" Mini Importation Business With My New Branded And Twisted Strategy and Rake In Over N2.7 Million,
1.Your name,
2.Email address,
3.Teller number,
4. And Bank paid to.
(Don't worry, once you send this notification and it has been confirmed you will receive your Mini Importation Business With My New Branded And Twisted Guidein 2 hours or less)
You might also want to pay using this other "instant delivery" secured method;
 To Your Importation Business Success,
Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza.
PS – Remember, I’ll let you get my Mini Importation Business With My New Branded And Twisted Strategy  Guide for a launching price of just N4, 500. I’ll give you an Iron-Clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if in any case you do not like it. 
Not only that, am throwing in free bonuses for you… that is if you get the course for the discount Launch price of N4,500. Go ahead and place your order right now
PPS -Mind you If you’re seeing a N4, 500 price tag, it’s not going to last. This OFFER is going to expire in 10 days from now. After then, you will have to pay N8, 500 to get the same offer. Ensure you don’t miss out on this special offer.
Good Luck.


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