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HowTo Get Free iphone 6 plus online In Nigeria

Does it Really Work?
 Believe it or not, there are sites that will give you these items and much more for free, but they do not advertise like the scam sites do. You could click on an ad take your chances trying get an item from these ads, but most likely you would end up spending a huge amount of money! The goal of this website is to tell you which of these sites are worth your time, how it works, and which site offers what.

If you're anything like me your going to be really skeptical at first (the idea of stuff for free isn't easy to get your head around) but I going to be honest with you - Essentially, these sites work like this: You sign up, you're presented with a list of advertisements (for example to get a free trial of AOL or Netflix, or to try a product sample of dog treats), and you have to sign up for one of the advertised offers. You try the product/service (with no obligation to buy), and the advertiser pays the freebie site a good chunk of money, usually around $40, for the referral of a new (potential) customer. This is how these sites can afford to send you expensive items for free, because they make a lot of money from the advertisers. You can read more about how the sites work by reading my How Do The Afford It post.

How Do They Do It?

So what do I get?

Well you can choose basically any gadget you like, they vary from Xbox 360's, PS3's, iPhones, iPods or just hard cash! You can be from any country if you join the sites I have listed Below.

How Do They Make Money?

How can companies afford to send you free stuff? Well the 'Freebies Industry' is actually a huge business sites like xpango are huge companies and have sent over 1 million dollars of Freebies away.But don't you worry they make more than enough money to give these freebies to you.

How Do They Do It?

How do they make money? Well here's how it works:

1. Lets say you choose a xbox360 from one of the Freebie Sites, lets just say Xpango

2. You signup and to be eligible for your xbox you only have to get 15 credits so complete 7 offers and refer 8 of your mates. Easy enough

3. Lets say the offer you choose is signup to a free account on a gaming site

4. So you do, and when you do the gaming site pays Xpango around $40 as they have just got a new customer which could potentially make them money

5. So you've completed a free offer and you will do few more now you can refer 8 people and you've got your free xbox360

6. So you ask 8 of your mates to signup to xpango under your name. Each of them completes an offer and again xpango make $40 for each of the offers they are doing individually

7. So in total Xpango made a huge profit!

8. They Purchase xbox's direct from the manufacturer for about $200, so they earn a great amount of profit.

9. You receive your xbox, your happy, they're happy - its win-win!

So essentially you not getting the gift for free - your giving up your own valuable time, and if you do paid offers it will cost you a few bucks
And thats essentially how these sites work. You get free stuff, they make profits - everyone happy!!!

Legitimate Sites

Ok you know what you have to do and how these sites work now all that's left is actually doing it.Their are heaps of sites that brag free stuff out their but keep in mind some many are scams, I have tested and researched into theses sites and found that the top 2 are -
No 1 is Xpango
  • xpango
  •  Description: Xpango is a great and probably one of the best freebie site.Basically you choose your free gift (ranging from iPods, Xbox360's, PS3's, Cell Phones etc) and then you must complete around 5 - 6 offers (most of which are free) and they will send you free stuff!
    At first I was very skeptical about this site at the idea of getting a free gift. I signed up thinking I've got nothing to lose and chose a samsung phone(samsung monte) as my gift. I completed a few of the offers and referred 8 of my mates. 7 days later I received my free samsung monte, I can't believe it!.

    Xpango has the best interface of all the freebie sites and brags shipping worldwide and very promptly. When you signup you choose you gift and told the number of credits require to get it. The samsung monte mobile I chose was 14 Credits. You get between 1 - 5 credits for each offer and 1 credit for every referral. This is great as you can do as many offers as you like don't have to refer your mates if you don't want to

    Signup Link: Click Here

    Rating: 10/10

    Overall: This is another Must Signup. You can usually get you free gift in an afternoon (or even less if you do high paying offers), and within a week you'll receive you free stuff. It's a really great way to get all the latest gears. dont forget you must sign up now

    There's no such thing as a free lunch, right? Maybe so but there's such thing as free iPods, Mp3 Players, Wii's, PS3's, 360's, iPhones , Cell Phone's on Xpango! So signup NOW!!!
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