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5 Best Ways to Make Your Blog A Very Popular Blog.

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Blogging has taken the cyber-world by storm. There are thousands of bloggers out there. Parenting blogs, shopping blogs, hobby blogs, art blogs, technology blogs and more. Many bloggers have even learned how to make a profit from sharing what they love with the world.
If you are just getting into blogging, you will quickly learn that there is an art or science to it – there are certain tips and tricks that help bloggers build and gain an audience, and improve the content on their sites. It is pretty much every blogger’s dream to gain blogging fame, or at least to become a popular and high-ranking blogger. Here are 5 ways you can make your blog popular.

1. Design Wisely

Web surfers want the best web experience – fast download speeds, clear and crisp graphics and easy navigation tools. Your blog’s design can either make your visitors want to stay and hang around, or take the web-highway. Consider a design that complements your blog’s focus and colors that are harmonious and inviting. In terms of organization, think from a web surfer perspective and make your menus, categories, archives, easily accessible, etc. Use visually-appealing fonts and graphics that are also easy on the eyes.

2. Post Fresh, High-Quality Content

The more fresh content you post on your blog, the higher you will rank in search engines. Blogging often ensures your blog-site remains in the radar of search engine feelers. But don’t blog poor-quality content! Search engine robots are adept at the ability to discern spam-like content from content intended to offer real value and substance to the public. Abusing SEO techniques, for example, will get you poor ratings from search engines.

3. Network! Network! Network!

It can’t be said enough. The more you network with other bloggers, other blog sites, blog-oriented sites or sites related to your area of focus, the more visible you will become. A visitor to another site you support and interact with regularly may take notice of you and decide to check out your site.
Networking with other blog sites is also a great way to get information about the best blogging advice and blogging tools that you may otherwise be unaware of. Networking with sites related to your focus area is a great way to stay in the know about the kinds of topics you cover. Networking can also bring great opportunities, such as an invitation to participate in a blogathon for example, or to be a blogging guest on someone else’s blog.

4. Social Media

Let’s face it, you can’t have an internet site in these days and times without being connected to a social media network, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Pinterest. Think of social media as an extension of networking, but also as a marketing tool. It is one of the most efficient ways to get word out about your blog. For example, when you post one of your blog posts on your Facebook page, someone in your social media may check it out and like and share it on their Facebook wall. Now your blog post has just tapped into a whole new potential audience – all of that person’s FB friends will now see your blog post. Some of them may like and share it on their FB walls. And you get the gist.
Social media can be an excellent tool for expanding your online presence and attracting new followers, but it is, again, important to create high quality content optimized to attract a strong readership that is genuinely interested in learning something from you.

5. Giveaways

A big trend in the blogging world, giveaways are another way of attracting a great deal of traffic to your blog. Giveaways also have great benefits for all parties involved. They connect visitors to fun opportunities and free, exclusive products, and offer companies a blog outlet to advertise and market their products. In addition to more traffic, bloggers also typically get to keep the products that companies send to them to test for their audience. If you like this idea, choosing to host giveaways on your blog can be a very lucrative step that will also draw crowds of people.

Blogging can be an extraordinarily fulfilling practice that can bring you a strong readership, great rewards, and promising web relationships. All you need are the right tools and advice and you are on your way!

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