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How My Blog Earned Me $300 In Just first Two Months Of My Blogging Carrier 9 Lessons Going From $0, To A Lifetime Earning.

If you are reading this now you will agree with me that is not EASY for a BLOGGER to make up $300 USD the FIRST TWO MONTHS he or she started blogging but believe me I made it.

When I started blogging Last Year 2014, I was a Novice blogger, and I have 2 Bloggers which I wanted to be like, they Are OgbongeBlog and HelpLogger.

Don't mind my English I be Naija Boy not from New York Okay Read On.

I was blogging because I have passion for blogging and Tech. I'm trying all my best to find solutions to any problem I come across on the internet, is it true that you are also one of those bloggers, who is trying your luck in the field of blogging as your daily job to earn a living make a name or just out of passion. For whatever reason you are blogging, what I should ask you is how well have you been doing and not how far have you gone, Are you. 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years old in the blogosphere, and you are not famous or what you are earning is not enough to bost or your content is not rich enough on your blog and the results are not up to the mark, it's time for you to re-think your strategy. If you are not motivated, you should read this bloggers success guide to the end before been discouraged, it will surely make you feel brandnew and will also help you get your blogging carrier back.

The main thing you need as a blogger is for you to keep learning everyday from fellow Bloggers, Internet (online) and off line and don't ever think anybody is too small for you to learn from, everybody has something to say on any topic and from no sense you go see sense oh; implement all what you will learn and share it with others who needs it .

This post will give you some practical insight and motivate you to leave your novice seat to professional you know all this 2go progress stars LoLz; and blog like Linda or Jide. Hahahahahahaha;

So Make We No Waste Time Na Let Go.

What's my story before I stated blogging?

Here I'm sharing ways that I have earned in the tenure of Just a year of blogging and if you follow them, in next 20
days you will become a better blogger than what you are today.

What's my story before I started blogging?
Just in case you don't know who you are dealing with: My name is YAKUBU BINUYAMINU ADEIZA. I'm a Nigeria born Blogger the small brain behind this RollingGist.COM you are on.

So what do I mean by Lesson going for 0 Nigeria Naira to a life time earning so let's ride on;

Back then in 2012 when I finished secondary school, ( Ojo-Ugbole High School) I relocated to Ado-Ekiti Life was not easy,I could only work to have something to eat. Which means my work was hand to mouth.
So what's the point? The point is I only have a Nokia c1-01 phone due to the internet access I could browse the net and grab a knowledge so ONE certain day I came across a blog (HelpLogger) that day was a great day ever, so I followed the blog and I was receiving post updates through my email with my C1-01.
So I needed a blogging lesson then I went back to Igbole - Ekiti to meet one of my own Guy; Olatunde Odunayo aka Horlartunes the owner of he put me through and says Its not easy to be a blogger OH.

So I was like do people realy make money from BLOGGING? and he said YES.
So what do I do to make this sum of money in just Two month of my blogging carrier? Whoa; now let's get to the real deal.

1. CONFIDENSE :- I HAVE IT, Nothing is worse than taking an advice from a non-confident person. When you are blogging; sharing anything without confident it will be making you to lose more credibility. Always remember, " You can build the credibility by not losing it". Think of the factor that makes you trust a person, and when it comes to blogging it's much easier because it's not your physical presence, it's your words that matters the most. Now, question is how can you become a confident blogger and create an impression of the same?.

2. YOUR POST: I may not talk much on this point but the little you will read now will make a change. So Your writing is what makes all the difference. There is one particular point I always follow,as I'm writing this article I imagine that you are sitting on a chair that is empty in-front of me, and that I'm talking to you.
If your blogging is more in a conversation way, you are more likely to leave what I called a foot-print. Do you notice that whenever Jide Ogunsanya posted on his blog can YOU notice this word YOU on his post that means he assumed or imagined that he was talking to YOU: Yes YOU Another thing to improve in your writing is using "I" instead of "we", as people who are not so confident use "We" to avoid taking responsibility for their work. If it's a one man show blog, why must you use "We" ? You may want to save this article or print it lols:

3. HOW'S YOUR BLOG DESIGN : For like months all I Have to do is change my design every single day that's because the design didn't suit my blog and didn't please me so I have to look for a highly responsive Themes that will load easily on all browser not just to please myself or my readers its useful for SEO too, did you see how responsive this blog is? I'm sure you must have been to a restaurant and been in a situation where a waiter's impression is created by what he is wearing. I'm more likely to recognize a waiter who is in a uniform than the one who is not.

That means if your blogging career means a lot to you, you wouldn't play with your blogs look When you are working online, it's your design which is the suit and you are the waiter . If your blog design is unpleasant and doesn't leaves a good impression, you are not likely to get recognized i.e: convert one-time visitor into subscriber. Get rid of all jumble bumble from your blog, and have a neat and professional looking design which reflects you and your blog personality.

I do render my service on blog designing feel free to use my contact page. 
Do remember, your blog design is the first point of content and first impression lasts forever.

4. Gain Popularity: How many bloggers do you know? How many Successful/ Professional bloggers do you know ? If you know up to 10 of them, ask Why and How do you know them? It's because they didn't hide in the closet like you.

All the successful bloggers have given a face to their brand along with their name, and you can see that on their blog its easy to connect with them, It's high time for you to make some active changes on your blog and show who is the person behind that awesome blog, and mr. that's you. Add an author box, add few details about you in your blog about page, add your profile in the blog sidebar. Make sure that you add a good-looking picture of you and add a seductive bio. write a description about yourself in a way that people can relate to and connect with you easily. Example is at the end of the article.

5. BE HONEST : 'You know Honesty is the best policy' and this I learned in my primary school, but with time we know that it's hard to live by that rule. How many times a day do you lie about little things? When I rate this on my self, I realized that I lie for very small things which are not even intentional. You may even be lying just to make your Girlfriend happy, sure you don't want to hurt them. This is one of the biggest crime we commit to ourself. When we lie to please people, Take this as a challenge, and for the next 7 days try to be completely honest. Be honest both off line and online, and tell me how this changed your life. I started this as an experiment and within 7 days I started feeling the difference. Now, it's been a month and apart from 2-3 instances where I lied, my life has not only changed but improved a lot. Not lying taught me how to say "No" and my confidence level has gone up ever since. Once you do this, it will have a positive impact in your writing and your online presence.

6. Become an Authority blogger:
Do have to be an expert before you can stand out? NO. But if you are not establishing yourself as an authority or your blog as an authoritative blog, nobody is an idiot no one will trust you. so the question is how can you become an authoritative blogger? The funniest thing is you already know the answer and it's very easy. If you have already made changes suggested in above point (Confidence), you are more likely to become an authoritative blogger.

Now, it's time to use the power of social-media and establish yourself as an authoritative person in your niche. Let's start with fixing your social-media presence, and start by updating your profile details. Ensure that your social-profile is like your resume and reflects your personality. Use same profile image everywhere (Twitter, Fb, G+, Gravatar, etc…) to stand out and make it easier for people to Notice you. Always share your opinion about the burning topics in your niche or hot topics around the globe. Yes, your opinion might not be as good as an industry expert, but it will still be better than many. "If you think your idea is stupid, you are an idiot"!

7. Give Credits To Others: This is One of the most common act of a successful person, they give credits to people for their work. Whereas a folks will neither talk about others work nor share it with others. If you are still one of those who doesn't give credits to people for their work, you are on your own oh (OyoCrasy). Like I said above Get popularity, and share your liking with others. Don't thrive for likes or comment, rather share or give credit to anyone you think they deserve.

8. BUILD A GOOD NETWORK: You must have heard a lot about "Networking is the key to success" and believe me it's. and it's important to build a strong network of people around you. Guess what, this is one of the most-important thing to do in every aspect of your life ( Online or off line). What makes a difference is becoming a part of someone's inner-circle. Many of you might have read a lot about successful people and have them on your social-media profile, but you are not a part of their inner-circle. You are just one of those thousand people they have befriended on Facebook or have met in one of the blogging events. Your goal is to become a part of their inner-circle and become a companion when they want you to be around. This will happen when you lose that "Im a blogger" attitude and work on building a meaningful connection.

9. BE SMART WORKING: Whatever Niche you are blogging on. Its smart work which will take you to places. Yes, working hard is important but working smart is more important than working hard.
If you are spending like 2 hours for a day for writing blog posts and not working on promoting it, you will be the same person even after a year or two.

Yes, your blog will grow and you will get more traffic and make more money, but you will still be slower than rest of the crowd. Many people who have just started online but are making million of dollars because of their smartness. Without a good idea, no work will give you a better result.

When it comes to working smart, all I could suggest is pick the right set of blogging tools, understand the value of time and work on time-management to become more productive. Maintain a perfect balance between your social and personal life, because if you want to succeed, you have to be a happy person and that will happen when you are satisfied with your life in 360* (In all the aspects of life). Value your time and have a team, I'm sure you know that " Time is money". You might have up to 30-40 great ideas, but alone it will take a lot of time to execute them.

When you have a team of people working, you are more likely to get all the ideas turning into reality. Here is a practical example: I had an idea of writing an article for Nigerias Upcoming bloggers, but couldn't do it because collecting data was a time-consuming process.

I just shared with you the key point of blogging that earn me N53,000. Nigeria Naira just in two months of my blogging carrier just follow them and they will help you to grow big and achieve more than what you getting right now.

If you have read this article and you understand it, make sure you pick those points which you believe will improve your blogging career and make you blog like other Gurus in blogging. Do let me know which of the above points you will be working on, and how are you planning to start? If you need help with any of these points, feel free to ask me via comment. If you find this article useful, do consider sharing it on Facebook and Google plus and Twitter or email it for others to gain from too. You can easily contact me on Whatsapp (+2348168374589)


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