Friday, March 4, 2016

How to Copy And Re wright Blog Post Idea? And Sites To Copy There Idea In Nigeria.


Sometimes I wonder why some people still complain on BloggersLab facebook group and on NairaLand forum that they don't know how to get a topic to write on.

well I can't blame them, even Jide Ogunsanya of, Soji Adegbulu of MMO.NG, Yakubu Binuyaminu of e.t.c will not disagree with me on the fact that sometimes you don't have any inspiration on any topic, even at this it may even be hard for you to write about your self lols.

Many times all this so called top bloggers in Nigeria, India, anywhere also are out of topic and they do not get any idea for their next articles. What do you they will do in such situation?

As for me, Do you know what I will do?

I will probably copy blog post idea.
So how can you copy blog post topic? The answer is simple read other blogs related to your blog niche and see what they are writing and get post ideas from those blog.

Its also a very bad idea I also think so. Why will I copy blog post ideas?

Many times I don't understand what to write as I have already written lots of article on a particular topic.
To get post idea I search blogs related to my blog niche and I try to find a post idea which I have not written yet but I can write lot of things for that topic. This is how I copy blog post idea.

Copying post topic can't be a good idea for lot of bloggers most especially entertainment ones, but is the easiest way to get blog post idea.

Copying blog post topic is not about writing same things as other bloggers have written but getting an idea what else we can write on same topic.

Have you watched this particular and popular India movie of titled Gajini? I think everyone have, but if you have not watched it, I will reveal to you now that it was this movie that Ghollywood copied to produce a movie called The Game, you thought so right?.

The movie topic is same but all those movies are copying each other? No, topic is same but there is a new story in every movie. Same applies for copying article topic.

You are just getting idea for article topic but that article can contain different aspect, it can share your own knowledge about that same topic.

For example you are searching for topic idea and you are visiting blog in your niche.

You found an article on "How to boost  Google Adsense Earnings". You also have some good knowledge on Adsense and you are generating lot of revenue from adsense but your strategies are different from those which you had read on other blog.

Now you have article topic and you can write a unique article which can give good value to your visitors.
You have just taken topic idea but the article is not a copy of different article.

It is what you want just topic idea and when you write on that topic everything is new so it can't be a copy of different blog.

Another example you read an article on different blog which is about "Google Algorithms" and that blog post do not agree with action taken by Google and feel that algorithms are useless.

Google is taking right steps to improve search quality. Now you can get a good idea for your nest blog post and you will write on "how Google Algorithms can Improve search results" which will talk about positive things not negative. It can be vice versa.

Getting post idea from other blogs is not copying if you are writing it with different aspect and different style or for different purpose.

Copying post idea can be a good way for writing quality post for your blog.
These are the site where you can find interesting topics to write about mostly if you are blogging on niches like Blogging, Tutorials, Tech, Make Money, S E O, etc the list below;
I'm not given links I'm only giving you there names;
10. (forum)
Hope it helps, to our blogging success


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