Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How I Increased My Adsense Cost Per Click (CPC) In 4 Simple Ways.

As a Nigerian publisher my worst nightmare is my adsense cost per click (cpc) I was receiving $0.05 per click from adsense this got me upset. So I have to work on my cpc anyway I did in 6 simple ways so I decided to share with my fellow Nigerian Publishers that are having the same issue.

AdSense works by AdWords advertisers bidding for how much they're willing to pay per click on their ads. You as an AdSense publisher could get as little as $0.05 or more that $50 per click. Yesterday I was able to make $60.40 from 10 clicks on one one of my sites.

Below  are the few tips on how to get paid more per click in AdSense.

1. Target high paying keywords:

Some keywords pay more than the other, and sometimes by a very huge margin. Make sure that your website targets the

high paying keywords to enjoy the benefit.

2. Avoid smart pricing:

Google will pay you significantly lower than the amount the advertisers bid for a particular ad if it thinks the click that come from your site does not give good conversion for the advertisers. This is called smart pricing and you should not let your website be affected by it.

Read Full Details on Smart Pricing. And How it Hurts Publisher.

3. Target high paying regions

As with keywords, ads targeted for certain regions could pay more than the others. Local ads for USA and Netherlands will pay more than local ads in Nigeria.

4. Display less ads

Google will display the highest paying ad on your first ad slot, with lesser paying ads displayed on the subsequent slots. It could be better in general to show less ads but each with high CPC rather than a lot of ads but the lower paying ones placed more strategically and gets the click.


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