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5 Simple Ways Anyone Can Make Money Online.

You might have heard of people making money online and you wish you were on the list. I know how difficult it is for teenagers to raise little tokens to foot some required bills. I know that teenagers even those still in high school wish to make some extra cash for themselves even though they are still in high school. I compiled this article to guide teenagers on how to make some bucks online without affecting their normal daily activities.

This is a well-articulated piece on How to Make Money Online for Teenagers. So below I will give 5 ways to make legit money online with handy details.

5 Ways How to Make Money Online for Anyone

Below are some smart ways to make money online without having to invest a dime. I mean a dime. Why don’t you check them out?

Take Surveys Online (Online Surveys)

make money taking surveys
Another way teenagers can make some cool cash using their phones is by taking online surveys. For those of you who purchase different types of products, you will surly have experiences on this and this can be an extra income stream for you where you won’t have to spend much time or at least use your spare time.

You are still scared of what direction the survey questions may come from. A lot of survey sites give regular survey questions from different fields or topics, and they are pretty easy to complete without waste of time.
You can search Google for thousands of survey sites. But I will recommend Ipsos’ iSay for completing online surveys. With Ipos’ iSay, you have no worries of payment as they offer payment in different options such as your favourite store gift cards, prizes and for those of you who are generous, you can as well donate your earning to charity

This channel is easy and not time consuming. So teenagers who want to make money online without having to spend much time, energy and resource should go for this as it is a win-win thing.

Test Websites Online (Website Testing)

teen testing website 
We visit different websites on daily basis, and give our views of these websites for free. What if I told you that you could share your thoughts on websites which you visit and earn some few bucks? A whole lot of individual web designers and companies are in search of people who can use their already created sites, they thereby go to some website testing platforms where users are allowed to test mostly new websites, share their feelings and thoughts and get paid.

I will recommend a platform that works well, and has a large number of clients. If you are in for this, you should consider giving UserTesting a trial.

You do not have to pay a dime to register. All you have to do is signup and wait for your account to be approved. Once approved, you will now be able to access website review offers and provide thoughts in areas like usability and design. You can also search for more sites like this using Google if you feel you do not like this one, but trust me, you will surely fall in love with this platform as it is one of the best paying website testing sites around. Users are being paid $10 – $15 for each test which lasts around 20 minutes, there’s no harm trying, why not check them out and earn extra bucks.

Blogging and Video Blogging

teen blogger
Blogging is no news in the 21st century, if you haven’t heard of blogging you probably might not be in this planet. (You might be coming from Mars). Just kidding. You might have heard of successful bloggers and video bloggers and you have got it in your mind “Oh I want to be a successful blogger”. Blogging isn’t like other ways to make money as a teenager. It takes a little time for the bucks to roll in, but in the long run, you will never regret starting.

How to start a blog

Firstly check for a niche. Find a topic that interests you and where you’ve got little or broad knowledge, as this will make you have the zeal to write as a newbie and you can write from experience as well.
are new to blogging, it’s advisable you go for free hosts, like Blogger, WordPress. For me I choose Blogger for you. Just create a blog on blogger with your keyword related domain name, upload a simple template, and boom, you are good to kick the road. Start writing immediately.

How to make money from your blog

Although it will normally have to take some time before your blog gets exposed. But before then, do what’s right and soon, you will notice an increment in your blog activities and even in your traffic. Now you can start monetizing your blog and make money.


Chill it’s no cause for alarm. It’s simple. Apply for approval in advertisement sites like Google Adsense, Infolinks, Content Ad, RevContent, and a whole lot of them. Sell products to your blog readers, it could be your personal product or you can as well affiliate with some companies.

If you love it to be visual and you think you are good at video editing, you can consider video blogging. This line is crowded already, but you can still make huge income here if you work smart. For now we only know Youtube to be the world most visited video site. Creating a channel and uploading contents here is one sure way to make money, but since the competition is high now, it will take some time to break through.

For video blogging, focus more on increasing your subscribers and the result will be massive before you know.

Make Review of Music (Music Reviews)

When it comes to music, not all of us have broad knowledge, so this wouldn’t be for every person. But if you feel you have good music background knowledge, you can make some cool bucks from music review as a teenager.

For music lovers like I am, this for sure won’t be a difficult task as all you have to do is, sit back with your boom headset, dedicate some of your time to listening to the music, give your thoughts, and make a review. This sounds like fun right? Of course it is.

There are a whole lot of sites where you can review music and get paid as a teenager. These kind of sites are in search of young people who are willing to share their thoughts on new music. Here I’ve got Music Xray which is one of the most popular I know as at now. It is an awesome opportunity for teenagers who are music lovers and you get paid up to $0.10 per track you listen to. It is user friendly and one can also register with their Facebook account and specify which type of music you are interested in. For me hip hop is the deal J. Give this a trial today.

What is Fan Match?

Payment method is paypal. And if you’ve got about $20 you can get paid.For those of you who have passion for writing or have enough time to write then I think Slice the Pie will be better for you as you will earn more money $$$$. Calm down, you aren’t going to work your ass off, it’s something similar to Music Xray, differences is, you will have to give more details in your review.

Learn Different Skills and Market Yourself

teen learning a skill 
As a teenager, you are open to even more opportunity. It’s advisable you learn a skill and sell it. How do I mean? Simple learn skills like graphic design, writing, web design, app development. C’mon, there are a thousand of skills to learn out there, once this is done, market yourself.

How do you get this done? There are websites like Fiverr where people sell their services, I mean almost any kind of service can be sold on Fiverr by registering and creating a gig, you get started. Although you can search Google for more sites like this if you feel this isn’t your type of site, but trust me, this is the best around and you will surely be at ease with this.

Learning a skill is a genuine and long term answer to the question “How to Make Money Online for Teenagers”, that’s if you are good at your field though.

Conclusion On Simple Ways Teenagers Can Make Money Online

Every teenager who wishes to make themselves few bucks outside what Dad gives to them will find this piece helpful. These are but a few ways one can make their own money and stop depending on Dad for everything. Now spending some cash in school maybe for your girlfriends wouldn’t be an issue as you have some money for yourself. When you are out there with friends, getting yourself a drink won’t be a difficult task any longer you even can get some for your friends.

Have you tried any of the above channels as a teenager, tell me where you’ve got problems, and I will be glad to help you.


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