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How to Earn Money On

If you have talent, resource, and skills that is very competitive, then you should try This website is for entrepreneurs and freelancers who are willing to sell their service starting at $5.

The website was founded by Israeli internet entrepreneurs Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. Fiverr is based on the idea that 9 to 5 is not the obvious work structure for everyone. In a world where working with freelancers, outsourcing projects and working off-site is sought after, people are looking for new ways to achieve financial
independence on their own terms.

Today, Fiverr hosts micro-entrepreneurs in more than 200 countries, Fiverr provides a "living marketplace" where people can monetize their skills, talents and resources. Gigs offered on the site range from web design, logo creation and market research, to personal greetings, video animation and
personalized gifts.

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How to Earn Money with Fiverr.

 If you're looking how to make money on fiverr then you must realize you are one of many. People are often cautiousness about buying a service they have not bought before.

However if someone has bought your service the odds can be much greater of getting another sale from them. You can however increase the odds if you follow these tips.

1. Be polite.

This is very important since polite sellers get good reviews and no one is going to buy your service again if you were less then enchanting. You need to be polite and willing to answer a few questions

2.Be personalized.

Why would someone buy your same ebook twice? If you can make it personalized to your buyer it might take more time for your gigs but you drastically increase the odds getting more money from your customers.


Reviews are everything no one wants to be the first to buy your service since they are taking a risk on the quality however if you do something to get your first customers to
write good reviews you'll get some more business so what I do sometimes if offer another mini service included for the first 5 buyers to entice customers. Also they are often grateful enough to right a good review.

Fiverr Mistakes That You Shouldn't Do

1. They go after the same niche as everyone else how many gigs are there for seo and for making video testimonials If you’re going to approach the same niche as everyone else
you’ll have to make it your own and unique.

2. Not personalizing what you give buyers. Many people often use a template to quickly get gigs done. The problem with this is they often get no repeat customers and rarely
positive reviews.

3. Not offering multiple services putting all your eggs in one basket can often led to poor sales.

4. Poorly written descriptions. Descriptions are how a buyer chooses what service to get so if your description is full of spelling errors and you are offering to write for them do you think they’ll take it?

5. Not taking advantage of tags. Tags are how people interested in your service find it. So by not using enough or choosing poor ones you are hurting how many people who might buy your service are seeing it

6. Poor image choices your picture should have everything you are trying to display visible in its thumbnail form.

Your thumbnail should never carry a long description of you service or make it seem like you are offering a different service.

7. Lies you should never lie about the services you are offering and this includes exaggerating greatly. Once people who about your service poorly review it then the
likelihood of someone buying it greatly decreases.

8. Giving up early. Many people post three gigs wait two days and then give up the site forever. It will take time before you start getting tons and tons orders be patient it will be worth it.

9. One fiverr tip I wish people would take is be willing to talk to the customer. Talk to them step by step to ensure they are getting what they want so you don’t have to redo
everything or give them a poorly done job version of what they want.

10. Make your job something worth it for you. Sure if you offer to write a book for your customer you would get tons of orders but remember you are only getting paid 4
dollars (fiverr takes one dollar).

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