Monday, February 13, 2017

How To Write A Marketing Plan For Businesses As An Application.

This is a marketing plan I submitted to some business organizations in Kogi State, though some of these organizations didn't respond to my applications bust some did. I write so that these business can advertise on my site and at the same time can hire me as their social Media Marketer

You can use it as a case study to submit your applications any business organizations in your. Area including Churches, Hotels, and Small business owners.

See How The Application Goes:

In order to gain both offline & online presence, and also able to compete on an equal scale with other companies like your in Nigeria, the following marketing ideas are posited.

Social Media: Your company need social media presence on the following social website; Facebook, you can visit  to create a facebook pagez, Twitter, visit to create a twitter account Google plus, visit
You can both create it yourself and ask a professional to help you round up the pages with a good design, I'm a professional, or outsource it entirely.

 Explainer video: An explain video is a shot video clip, which you can use for advertisement purpose, it shows a brief idea of what a website/business is all about.

 Advertisement:  Since all new businesses need advertisement to break even, you can advertise your company in the following ways;

Local adverts: You can pay TV stations to promote your brand or play the explainer video to the viewers on their network (Japan Precisely).

Online Advertisement: This surely another better option in finding potential customers, since your online adverts have the ability to reach thousands of online visitors. Notable online advert company where you can create targeted campaigns include; Rollinggist Media, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords,

 Email list marketing: You need to integrate email subscription on your site, and find a good Email marketing website, to start sending regular emails about product on new arrival and also how to make orders and get it delivered.

 Live chat: You also need to integrate a live chat support on company's site, so as to be able to give a 24/7 support to customers requirements and inquiries

SEO: You need to make your companies site  search engine optimized, that is easily crawled by search engines and you can make use of Yoast Wordpress plugin.

KINDLY NOTE: I would be so delighted to help you out with any of the above marketing steps.

                                                                                                                         To Your Business Success,
                                                                                                                         Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza,
                                                                                                                         CEO Ebiraland Media


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