Monday, February 13, 2017

One of the greatest traffic-building mistakes

I no longer think what I wrote below is entirely the case. It’s not that it’s wrong, it’s just changed. The basic advice for many years (reflected in my advice below) is to “not build your house on rented land.” In

other words, share only snippets of content on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. but always direct people to your site for the rest. I still think you should definitely have your own site. I still think you should make backups of content you share elsewhere (try IFTTT to do this), but I now think there is value in sharing great content on other sites if serves your audience and broadens your portfolio.

There’s one thing that makes me sad when it comes to building traffic. I see a lot of people working hard to drive traffic to their profiles or pages on social media, at the
expense of their blogs or websites.

There’s nothing wrong with building traffic on social media of course, but when I see people writing long, beautiful updates on Facebook for example, I think to myself, Noooooo!

Instead of housing your best content on a site you don’t own, turn it into content on your own site.

By all means share it on Facebook, but share it as a link to your site or post a teaser on Facebook and then direct people to the full post on your blog (or in your newsletter)! Better to stay in control and maintain ownership of the stuff you create!

Granted, there are times when posting on a social media site makes more sense than on your own site (YouTube videos come to mind), but if you do that, at the very least, back up everything you might want to keep for the future.

Build your own digital assets. There’s obviously not much point in building traffic if you have nowhere to send that traffic, right?
Get yourself a blog or website if you don’t
already have one. It’s one of the top three digital assets you should build.


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