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The 2 Easy Ways To Hide Files Or Folders In Window OS

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A public computer you stored you data due to not having your own computer and which seem to be crazy leaving them without been secured. A valuable files deserve to be kept secured, so that no one can have access to it after when you've gone.

What am going to say is definitely to those who have no idea and they are looking for an easy way to hide their files without been access by other user. Well, indeed, you can lock folders with Windows OS and this folder will be inaccessible by the other (unauthorized) users

2 Possible Ways To Hide File or Folder In Windows OS First, Press Windows Logo + R to open run command Type “cmd” and hit enter button When it open type this attrib +s +h “C:\Users\Desktop\My Secret”

To unhide the file or folder you can run the same command, except this time use “-“ instead of the “+” signs.

When the command open type this and hit enter attrib -s - h “C:\Users\Desktop\MySecret”

This seem little difficult right ;-), ok let’s try the below one, but this can be access when someone edit Folder Option

Right-Click on the file or folder Go to Properties Click on Hidden Apply it and Ok to confirm To unhide  Press Windows Logo Type Folder and hit enter When the UI appear, click on View Check ” Show hidden files or folder “ Click Ok.

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